No-Gi Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

🥋 **Concept Training** Instead of focusing on specific moves, we dive deep into fundamental concepts that define Jiu Jitsu. Every person is different in multiple ways. Size, shape, skill, and mindset. All of these components will chage one move significantly so we like to teach in a manner that each person can use their own style to make it work best for them. 

💪🏼 **Fitness:** Jiu Jitsu is one of the best ways to increase physical fitness because it targets so many areas at once. Build strength, muscle mass, and burn fat all at the same time. All of the squeezing, pulling, pushing, holding will work out every single muscle in your body. Doing Jiu Jitsu will push your cardio like never before except your doing something you enjoy so you never want to stop.

🌍 **Real-World Relevance:** Most self defense situations end up on the ground. Being able to control yourself in this situation could very well save your life and help you protect frends and family.

🤼 **Leverage Over Power:** In real-life confrontations, technique often trumps raw strength. NoGi BJJ offers tools and strategies to control and neutralize threats, regardless of size differences.

🧠 **Strategic Thinking:** Beyond the physical techniques, our training sharpens your mind. Learn how to think several moves ahead, anticipate your opponent’s actions, and quickly adapt to changing situations.

🤝 **Community First:** At Apocalypse, you’ll find a community of like-minded individuals passionate about self-improvement, safety, and mutual respect. Our instructors, with years of expertise, offer guidance tailored to each student’s individual needs.

🛡 **Safety as Priority:** While preparing you for potential real-life scenarios, your safety during training remains our utmost concern. Our facilities and training methodologies ensure a safe yet effective learning environment.

💼 **Classes and Membership**

From complete beginners to advanced practitioners, our NoGi BJJ classes cater to all. Dive deep into this efficient martial art and arm yourself with the skills for real-world defense.

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